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Pressure washing

Trifecta Oilfield Services will use an industrial pressure washing unit to clean drilling rigs, mud pits, cellars, and casing threads. We offer two- and four-gun steam pressure washers and eight-gun hydro blasters. Our state-of-the-art units produce the highest pressure and water volume level while remaining safe during operation. READ MORE

Casing Tally

Trifecta Oilfield Services offers world-class casing tally service. Our trained casing tally pushers will measure your casing accurately, ensuring casing lands where intended every time. We offer hard and digital copies of the tally via email and thumb drive. We also offer steel strap tape measures using Lufkin tally tapes and laser tally using DigiTally equipment. READ MORE

Hydro Excavation

Hydro-excavation is the non-destructive process of using high-pressure water to break up the ground. Trifecta Oilfield Services has the best equipment for trenching, using pressurized water and a vacuum excavation system to cut a straight-line ditch, trench, or hole. We also have a super sucker vacuum trucks. READ MORE

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Trifecta Oilfield Services is a family-owned business in Texas. We strive to have supplier service in all areas of Texas and New Mexico. We have the largest fleet of vehicles and high-performance equipment that comes with an experienced crew to complete any job. We will work with you from planning through production. Trifecta has decades of expertise and can be on location within hours.