Casing Tally

Drift-Tally- and wash casing

Trifecta will have a professional crew with a supervisor pull thread protectors and run metal/ or Teflon drifts through casing to ensure they are clean and have no bends or defects that could affect the structural integrity of the pipe. A trained casing pusher will tally the casing based on the casing type, and provide a manual copy and a digital copy of the tally for your records. We have a complete inventory of drifts from 2 3/8′′ – 20′′ built to API specifications. We can also construct custom size drifts in a little as 12 hours upon request. We use Lufkin Tally tapes for precise measurements that you can depend on every time.

Laser Tally

Digitally Laser Tally is available upon request. We can complete the tally using only the laser tally or run the laser side by side the Lufkin tape. Our goal is to make each customer feel confident the tally is accurate every job.


Fork lift to off load casing

Trifecta has a fleet of tractors with lowboy trailers to carry our three-yard wheel loaders to and from any location. All-wheel loaders are equipped with 8-foot carriages with extended forks to make unloading casing safer and more efficient. Our skilled and certified operators will save you time and money. Expediting all casing offloads and exceeding expectations.