Oil Field Services

Rig Up

Trifecta Oilfield Services is the leading company in Texas and New Mexico getting your rig started by placing and assembling the various parts of equipment that make up the rig, and preparing the rig for drilling.

Rig Down

Trifecta OilField Services is happy to meet with you to talk about the rig-down extent to ensure proper planning. This is done to ensure the safety of the crew on location and our staff. We determine the fleet and equipment needed to ensure your specific rig has proper equipment and crew for rig down.

Roll Casing

Trifecta will provide trained personnel even for simple tasks like rolling casing on to the pipe wrangler. Two or three-man crews will safely speed up the casing process assisting the rig to put the pipe down hole.


Trifecta OilField Services, LLC is one of the only companies in Texas and New Mexico with the largest crew of Roustabouts.

Any job can be staffed in a matter of hours with various jobs from our highly skilled and knowledgeable team members. Our crew continues to grow as the demand for gas and oil grows in Texas and New Mexico. Give us a call to get crew hands at your location.

Casing Thread Wash

Clean threads are vital to running casing without issue. Our hydro blasters and steam pressure units along with our highly trained staff will make short work of any thread wash.

Polly Line Repair

Either rigging down or rigging up for a rig move or making repairs; Trifecta can handle all of your polly line needs. We use McElroy Pitbull pipe fusing equipment for fast seamless execution of any job from 2 inch to 5 inch polly line.