Torque and Testing

Nipple up and Nipple Down Service

Trifecta Oilfield Services offers BOP testing on drilling rigs and completion sites. We also offer pipeline pressure testing. Our state of the art testing units are able to test both low and high pressures. Holding pressure and recording for short periods of time or long periods of time is not an issue. Our analog and digital charts are capable of creating any test required. Temperature fluctuation testing is available upon request. All of our operators are equipped with a variety of different hydraulic torque wrenches. Our hydraulic wrenches are safe and efficient reducing rig downtime.

We can provide BOP testing for all of Texas and New Mexico which will provide expert services from the smallest of project to the most complex.

Torque and Testing BOP

Trifecta Oilfield Services, LLC will provide the latest equipment with our highly trained rig site personnel offing a full range of BOP pressure testing and inspection service. This service will include regular field testing and maintenance testing.

We have a complete trailer mounted torque and testing for companies based in Texas and New Mexico.

Torque and Testing Services in Texas

  • Pressure testing
  • Torquing of wellheads
  • Torquing of frac stacks
  • Torquing of BOP’s

Trifecta will offer a broadest range of quality BOP testing services for our customers in Texas and New Mexico. This is to ensure the lowest likelihood of well control issues and downtime and above all to protect the safety of crews, the rig, and the well being of the staff and crew.